The only one of it’s kind, True Ultra wide Display

The only display that hits all the right sizes holding a true aspect and resolution

  • 103”/137”/171”/205”
  • Complete packages include Mount, trim, and controller



Multiple sizes, more choices

Total front/rear maintenance

Ultra-light and ultra-thin, save the cost of steel structure and installation

Mixed splicing is supported

Multiple Installation Methods



Next level in production panels that you can build to your personal specifications

Shapes: 45 degree design, 90 degree cube shape, concave & convex available. 500*1000mm cabinets and 500*500mm cabinets can be combined up and down.

Hanging, standing and stacking installation

The product supports floor application and the TOP-COB technology. It can support hanging up to 49’ and stacking up to 65’ The product adopts fin design for heat dissipation, which can greatly reduce product temperature and improve product reliability.

Product Features

  • 7680Hz High refresh rate;
  • 1FPS Ultra low latency;
  • Multi camera shotting;
  • High Brightness;
  • Fast and Easy Set -Up;
  • Flexible Installation Options;
  • Intelligent Module Design;
  • Die-cast aluminum cabinet
  • Superior Display Performance


Support DCI-P3 high color gamut, HDR high contrast, 7680Hz ultra-high refresh rate, and brightness up to 5000nit.

  • Gray Scale:16 bit (Max)
  • Refresh Rate: 7680 Hz (Max)
  • Brightness: 5000 nits(Max)
  • Contrast Ratio: 10000:1(Max)



Available Sizes: 1.875mm, 2.5mm

Cabinet size: 600*1687.5mm


  • Brightness: There are 2 versions to choose from: highlight version and normal version. The highlight version uses the most advanced technology in the industry, which can make the brightness reach 6000cd/㎡;
  • Plug and play, independent playback;
  • The built-in WIFI module can remotely monitor the status of the advertising machine in real time and perform cluster management on the advertising machine; it can realize the splicing and combination of multiple sets to form a large screen, which can meet the needs of small business activities in stores or shopping malls;

Ultra thin and lightweight Easy to move around to different location on the caster

The poster has an infinity feel with the bezel-less screen an the incredibly immersive viewing experience To complete the look with magnetic trim

Multiple poster can be sliced together to form a large wall

  • User Convenience
  • Front Maintenance
  • The Poster can be easily installed and managed from the front side.
  • The LED modules can be simply attached or detached with a magnetic tool
  • No cables between modules and the hub card, which achieves 100% connection Modules are hot pluggable
  • Wireless control to the poster using an app
  • Cloud base network to multiple posters for management and content