A Slim and Installer-Friendly UHD LED Video Panel that Simply Works

Slim cabinet of only 1.93’’ depth, which saves installation space and is ADA compliant

Ultra-high CNC precision standard ≤0.2mm tolerance that lays the foundation of perfect alignment and flatness

Extremely wide viewing angle up to 170° H/V

Excellent image performance powered by Pro-Clarity Technology with 18 Bit+ image processing capability

  • Reliability
  • Uniformity of the modules
  • Precise Color Consistency
  • Lower power consumption
  • Reduction of heat / BTUs
  • High IP Rating – Can be cleaned and wiped directly
  • Affordable technology
  • Water and Dust resistant
  • Can withstand 5 times the impact
  • Extremely low pixel failure
  • Risk of a bad solder goes to almost Zero
  • Value Copper Panels
  • Premium Gold Panels
  • Extreme Flip Chip Panels
  • Common Cathode
  • Using the same chassis you can build panels to fit your needs
  • If you want to go to new heights Flip Chip with Common Cathode will take you to that new level
  • The best out on the market
  • Protect your investment with epoxy coating on the modules. (Yields Incredible Results)
  • Go To A-I-O Wall
  • Setup time is less than 1 hour
  • Complete android OS on board
  • USB wireless share capability
  • Network screen sharing
  • High quality speakers
  • Cost effective
  • Very easy maintenance
  • Well thought out HDMI locations on the bar
  • Simple wall mounting system
  • The most complete system on the market
  • Smart Conference System
  • Chip on Board Technology
  • Dual operating Systems Android and Windows available
  • Multi-Touch Screen
  • Speakers, USB screen transmitter, and Touch pen available
  • Optional (4K camera, microphone, and Rolling frame)
  • Design around your needs
  • Three options of LED layouts
  • Extremely thin
  • A full 3840Hz refresh rate
  • High gray scale
  • All the features of the Revolution but in a portable package
  • COB portable or production applications
  • Small pixel pitch 1.2,1.5, and 1.9
  • A very wide viewing angle 170deg.
  • Lower power consumption
  • Golden aspect ratio to keep that 16×9
  • 800-1200 (nit) Brightness
  • Hanging/ Ground Stack/ Wall Mount
  • SMD copper or gold
  • Integrated TOP-COAT special processing makes the lamp surface waterproof, collision-proof, dust-proof and washable.
  • Highly integrated common negative drive IC can save 30%-40% energy compared with traditional products.

User-friendly content transmission system which allows people to send videos and images through mobile apps, computers, HDMI, USB disks or cloud-based network.

Multiple work modes available. People can either use a group of single units for different locations or put a number of units together to form a bigger display. Special mechanical design is made at the edges of the displays for them to splice together.

Easy installation – Versatile installation accessories offer people rich options to install E-Posters anywhere they want via wall mounting, hanging or floor standing and to do creative shapes. Floor stands have wheels for people to move E-Posters around.


Infinite of Possibility for Creativity

Superior Color Reproduction

A Flexible Media To Transform Creative Ideas


Indoor Outdoor

Advanced Design Concept

2 arc locks on the side, to display inner and outer 5°perfectly, and seamless splicing.

Not only can you do flat walls, but also curve walls, 1 cabinet with multiple application, to meet every need of video wall shaping

Hanging Bar & Ground Bar


Indoor / Outdoor 3.9

Total Black LED with 5000nits Brightness

  • Module Front & Rear Maintenance, Power Supply One-click maintenance
  • Unique Shaped Splicing
  • Patent Structure, Higher Protection
  • Slim and Lightweight 16.5 lbs. per panel
  • Friendly convenient locking system
  • With wall mounting, hanging, and ground stack
  • Curve ± 7.5 degrees concave and convex
  • Wide color gamut exceeding REC. 709
  • HDR10 available
  • 3-in-1 Black SMD
  • High nit brightness levels for pixel pitch
  • The house of worships best friend the panel that can do it all
  • Very affordable
  • Perfect display effect
  • High protection
  • Interchangeable modules with different pixel pitches.
  • Front and Rear maintenance.
  • Stable waterproof structure with patents.
  • Curve design & large module size ensures a perfect splicing effect.

(Hanging, Wall mount, and Ceiling)
Customized arc angles up to 45 degrees
Multiple applications


Multiple sizes, more choices

Total front/rear maintenance

Ultra-light and ultra-thin, save the cost of steel structure and installation

Mixed splicing is supported

Multiple Installation Methods


All The Components Support Both Front And Rear Maintenance

Up To 10000 Nits Brightness, The Screen Is Still Visible In Direct Sunlight

  • Up to 10000 nits brightness, the led display screen is still visible in direct sunlight;
  • Stable and reliable, dust proof, water proof, IP65, suitable for almost any environment;
  • Energy-saving, thin,27kg/㎡, save 50% installation and transportation costs;
  • With reliable magnet effect structure, all the components including power