Think Fine Pitch

Full Video and Power Redundancy

American Owned and Operated
Customs and Border Protection TAA Certified Compliant
N+1 Off Board Power System with Full Battery Backup for Your Video Wall
Full Video Redundancy
Fiber Optic Video Transport
HDR/18 bit gray scale/NTSC color gamut
No Exposed wires between displays
Bidirectional Serviceability
Easy Front Maintenance for very quick repairs
Versatile mounting options
24-7 Operation

Fine Pixel Pitch

Pixel pitch: 0.9/1.2/1.5/1.8
Pixel configuration: SMD
Brightness: 600-800 adjustable
Refresh rate: 1920/2880/3840 Hz
Panel dimension: 600×337.5×76 mm

Low Cost of Splicing

Standard 16:9 panels can precisely achieve HD/FHD/UHD/SHV resolutions ,and with a 27″ diagonal panel size it can become a perfect substitute for any existing 54″ or 108″ LCD screen.

Front/Rear Installation and Maintenance

Installation is as quick as block-building.
It supports both front and rear installation with a panel thickness of only 100mm.
Additionally, each module, power supply, receiving card, and cables between panels can all be maintained quickly from the front.

Intelligent System

Calibration data retrieval function and worry-free parameter back-up function are both embedded in every smart module. Power, temperature and other working status are internally monitored to achieve intelligent management.

Perfect Display Effect

160°super wide horizontal and vertical viewing angle. Broadcast pictures are stable with no scan lines, and edges of images is sharp and clear.


Flexible clock and signage solutions

Superior room status/world clock solution for Mission Critical applications

Status Signage

Total Front Maintenance

Ultra light weight, extremely thin

TFP Slick

Stand- Mounted/Deployable/Wall-Mountable

Extremely wide viewing angle up to 160° H/V

108″ Diagonal and 136″ Diagonal

Excellent image performance

18 Bit+ image processing capability

Fast lock precision alignment for ease of installation

Available sizes for stand or wall mount 108″ 136″ 162″ (162″ available in 1080P or2160P)


High-Perfection Fine-Pitch Video Wall Screen

Hassle-Free Installation supported both front and rear installation. Fully front-access serviceability for ease of maintenance and reduces space.

Stable Performance due to multiple internal structural designs improvements, doubling transmission stability and stabilizing the finished fine-pitch LED video wall.

Front serviceable

High contrast ratio, high grayscale, NTSC broadcasting color gamut, ultra-high flatness and 160° wide viewing angle, TFP Alpha displays present stunning images with sharp colors. The latest Pensar LED 22bit+ Picture Engine Technology elevates display images to a realistic effect.

Nano coating provides IP60 rated protection, reducing failure of internal components caused by dust, moisture, mildew, static electricity, etc.

Pensar LED



PP.6 – PP.7- PP.9 – PP1.2 – P1.5

Premium Gold diodes

Common Cathode

TopCoat Epoxy package to make it moisture-proof , Waterproof, anti-collision

The common cathode power supply method is a technical solution based on the improvement of the common anode structure to save energy used by the LED display. It refers to the “Common Cathode” method to drive the LED display and accurately distribute the current to the R, G, and B chips.

The voltage and current first pass through the lamp beads and then to the negative electrode of the IC, reducing the forward voltage drop, and the internal resistance of the conduction becomes smaller, saving energy and reducing the power consumption and responding more efficiently.