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Plug & Play Portable LED Video Wall System
1-minute auto assembly for a complete video wall


Meet our latest cutting-edge portable LED video wall system, designed for ease, simplicity, super fast deployment, and efficiency. The Motion takes innovation even further than our Presta series, by coming fully assembled. No manual assembly required! Simply take off the sides of the road case covers, turn on the power, plug in your HDMI source, raise the display up with the push of a button, and you are ready to go!


The Motion series was truly designed with the user in mind, providing a hassle-free experience from setup to operation. Whether you are a professional event organizer, a corporate entity, or an AV enthusiast, the Motion fast deployable LED video wall system offers unparalleled convenience and performance.

Sizes and Chipsets


Our Motion fast deployable LED video wall is available in two different sizes and with two different chipset options:

108” Video Wall (1.2mm)
Offered in SMD or COB chipset.
Fits in a freight elevator, but does not fit into a standard sized elevator.

136” Video Wall (1.5mm)
Offered in SMD or COB chipset.
Provides a larger display area for maximum visual impact.
Does not fit in a  standard sized elevator nor a freight elevator.


Plug & Play Portable System
With the built-in processor, our video wall system eliminates the need for external devices. Simply plug in your source, and you’re ready to display high-quality visuals in seconds.

1 Minute Setup Time
Gone are the days of complicated and time-consuming setups. Our video wall comes preassembled and can be raised in height with a simple push of a button, saving you valuable time and effort.

Rolling ATA Road Case
Travel with ease knowing your video wall is securely housed in a durable ATA road case. The case is equipped with wheels for effortless mobility, ensuring your video wall is always ready to roll wherever you need it.

Suitable For All Environments
From high-end corporate events to vibrant public displays, our video wall adapts to any setting. Its robust design and versatile functionality make it the ideal choice for any occasion.


Hotels & In-House AV
Enhance guest experiences and in-house presentations with a dynamic and portable video display solution.


Universities & Higher Education
Perfect for lectures, seminars, and special events, providing a clear and impactful visual aid.


Production Companies
Ideal for on-the-go productions, offering a reliable and easily transportable video wall solution.


Cruise Ships
Enhance onboard entertainment with a high-quality, portable LED video wall system.


Tradeshows & Convention Centers
Make a lasting impression at the next exhibit with a visually stunning display that’s easily deployable.