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Available Sizes: 1.875mm, 2.5mm
Cabinet size: 600*1687.5mm



  • Brightness: There are 2 versions to choose from: highlight version and normal version. The highlight version uses the most advanced technology in the industry, which can make the brightness reach 6000cd/㎡;
  • Plug and play, independent playback
  • The built-in WIFI module can remotely monitor the status of the advertising machine in real time and perform cluster management on the advertising machine; it can realize the splicing and combination of multiple sets to form a large screen, which can meet the needs of small business activities in stores or shopping malls
  • Ultra thin and lightweight Easy to move around to different location on the caster.
  • The poster has an infinity feel with the bezel-less screen an the incredibly immersive viewing experience To complete the look with magnetic trim.
  • Multiple poster can be sliced together to form a large wall.
  • User Convenience
  • Front Maintenance
  • The Poster can be easily installed and managed from the front side.
  • The LED modules can be simply attached or detached with a magnetic tool
  • No cables between modules and the hub card, which achieves 100% connection Modules are hot pluggable
  • Wireless control to the poster using an app
  • Cloud base network to multiple posters for management and content